The killing of the innocents

Matthew is the only biblical author who records the story of this mass execution. It is so easily skipped over. Take a minute and see if you can recreate what this scene may have looked like. Read Matthew 2:16-18 and ponder the sights, the sounds, the emotions, and the aftermath.

Are there significant events in our lives that we skip over somewhat like this? Maybe not exactly, but affect those involved for the rest of their lives? Today is the anniversary of a car accident that has left a young man in a wheel chair the rest of his life. I can skip over it without much thought or consideration of the ensuing results. The family has been changed forever.

If you have an opportunity to minister to someone today whose life is change forever because of a brief moment, do so. Your memory of it and thoughtful interaction with them will mean a ton.

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This historical scene is so easily skipped over…