Slay me...

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In reading through the book of Job this morning as part of B90X 2019, this verse jumped out at me—

“Though He slay me, I will hope in Him.” Job 13:15

What do you think of it? Does it sound harsh? How does the Lord slay us? What is the point of Job’s question? What are we to get from this statement?

I have no dependence on anything else by God.
Though things fall apart around me.
Though people may betray me.
Though my world does not function as I would like.
Though it feels like the Lord is not answering my prayer.
Though I am exposed to calamity and darkness.
Though I become impatient.

Though, though, though…

I will trust the Lord.
I will put my hope in him, even when things don’t make sense.
I am determined to adhere to Him. Regardless.
I will not dwell on the “why” questions that cannot be answered.
I will believe God when things are dark and bleak.
I am a friend of God.
I will not doubt that He will ever leave or forsake me.
I will not be moved or shaken.
I am settled on who is my Lord.
My faith, belief, trust, reliance, assurance, conviction,
credence, and hope are all in the Lord God, the maker
Heaven and Earth, regardless of what happens to me.